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    Treatment Philosophy

    Children, teens, and adults alike are more anxious and overwhelmed today than ever before, while self-care is often low priority. Daily routine and responsibilities can become highly stressful, and prolonged stress can lead to impairments in self-esteem, family relationships, school and work functioning, friendships, and physical health. My ultimate purpose as a therapist is to help my clients develop a sense of contentment with themselves and the choices they make. I enjoy providing an environment where clients can slow down, work through challenging situations, and find hope; where they learn to tune inward and feel good about themselves by developing problem-solving skills, maximizing their natural strengths, and gaining new insights; where perspective, confidence, authenticity, and joy can emerge.

    I am committed to providing the highest quality care to you and your family. This is best achieved when clients are supported by those closest to them and willing to make therapy an important part of their lives. Growth and healing occur not only during sessions but continue when clients leave the office, taking with them new observations and skills and applying them to everyday situations that arise between sessions. In time, these successes accumulate and evolve into renewed confidence.

    Mutual trust and open communication create the foundation of any positive therapeutic relationship. I have the sincerest respect for those who have the courage to seek help, and I offer my undivided attention, authenticity, and sensitivity in return. I view this relationship as a collaborative partnership, with the shared goals of alleviating distress and improving the client’s quality of life. Therapy may include letting go of old familiar habits and challenging longstanding beliefs. It requires dedication, open-mindedness, and willingness to take risks along the way. Therapy is not always easy, and it is not always fun. But if entered into with genuine commitment, it can be a fulfilling, life-changing experience. Therapy enables us to look at ourselves honestly, develop a deeper sense of self-regard, and pave the way to increasingly meaningful and satisfying relationships. The greatest reward I experience in my work is witnessing the spark of joy and excitement that happens when a new connection is made and a client feels pride in creating positive change.

    – Jill Crawford, LCSW